Reliable Analysis Made Easy
You cannot rely solely upon listing services to run your analysis. Most often, they only provide a fraction of the picture required to make educated decisions. Our new regression application leverages our new construction database, complemented by the crowd sourcing capability of resales, then circulated through tax assessor systems to provide you with the most accurate volume and statistics on the web. Users can then build custom data segments to run the following dynamic reports:
  • Price to Square Feet Regression
  • Price to Lot Size Regression
  • Months of Supply
  • Closings and Inventory Tables
Responsive Design
Saved Profiles

Our Application makes it easy to build and save your unique searches for future use. By using our saved searches function, users can refer back to their specific queries, alter individual segments and run new reports upon updated data sets.

Statically plotted data does not allow you to compensate for outliers. Our Application allows users to easily remove unwanted records from their analysis, and automatically recalculate the data's relationship.

Custom Segments
Quick Reports

The breadth of filtering methods makes it simple for you to tailor your comparable data set in order to generate more accurate and meaningful reports. Build and analyze specific data segments across 20 structural characteristics and location factors.


That is over 325,000 unique segments within a single zipcode/High School/Elementary cross section!

The reporting capabilities within our Regression Application allows users to organize their research into a finalized PDF. Custom report combinations can be easily generated to include:
  • Square Foot Regression
  • Lot Size Regression
  • Months of Supply Chart
  • Inventory Table
  • Table of Records Used
  • Table of Outliers Removed
Sample Regression Reports

Full Study

Sample study containing all reports the application offers

Square Foot Regression

Shows projected sales price by sqft based on segmented home types

Lot Size Regression

Shows projected sales price by acre based on segmented home types

Months of Supply Chart

Displays months of supply calculations for each user defined segment

Inventory Table

Presents inventory, closings and MOS for each user defined segment

Data Table

Presents all records and associated statistics used within a study

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